Travel Disclaimer: 90 days from booking (making payment for offering) travel excursion, all travelers must complete all of their allocated travel time. Any and all unused travel time after 90 days will have been deemed completed.


TradeShowTravelCo prices its travel packages based on the availabilty and location. There are various travel packages which include different destinations that will cause a flucuation in price. Depending on the volume of travels for a particular season the pricing for these individual packages will vary. The general range in pricing for a TradeShowTravelCo vacation package can go from $249.00 USD – $1299.00 USD.



Payment period


TradeShowTravelCo reservse the right to spread payment out for the travel packages over a term they deem is acceptable for covering internal costs. Standard practice is to pay for the travel package in full and vacation in the allotted time period. Please contact your Travel coordinator for assistance in completing payment on your travel package.